Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt's Internet Blockade as seen in Google Analyitcs

I run a number of websites in many languages, Arabic is one of them. Many of my Arabic language visitors are from Egypt. As you probably know, currently there's a massive wave of demonstrations in a number of Egyptian cities against the governing prime minister. As a result, the government there decided to block the internet in order to avoid people from reporting about the protests. Here's the results of that blockade as seen in today's Google Analytics reports from my site.

I made a comparison between yesterday's Egyptian visitors stats to today's result. The day is still not over in Egypt so the comparison is not 100% accurate but the results are pretty clear. Bellow you see the huge decline in traffic from each major Egyptian city. Traffic declined from 95% to 98% in each of the listed cities. It seems like internet communication out of Egypt is almost zero today.

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