Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flex 3 on build machine: Flex Charting Components water mark

I was dealing with the following problem: when compiling my Flex app locally using both FB3 or Ant, Flex Charting Components appeared just as you expect them to, they did not display the annoying water mark that non licensed users may get. But when the application was compiled using my team's build machine it produced the annoying watermark on top of all the application charts. So what went wrong? Raghu has the answer, to make a long story short, all I had to do is to update the flex-config.xml with my license number:

<serial-number>your serial number here</serial-number>

Raghu's detailed explanation and some info about the licensing mechanism on Flex 3

Licensing configuration on Adobe's live docs


FlashMattic said...

Why didn't you ask, mate?

Lior Boord said...

Was going to, but I asked Google first :)

James Ward said...

You can also do this via an mxmlc parameter:

-licenses.license <product> <serial-number>